Current Location:  In transit (TBM has been removed from the project site) 

0 feet (0.00 miles) of tunnel excavation remain

Tunnel excavation is complete!
Removal of the TBM from the shaft at the Kaneohe Wastewater Pre-treatment Facility is complete.
Tunnel cleaning and pipe installation are complete.
Tunnel pipe has been grouted into place and the construction of an intermediate shaft is complete.



  • The tunnel will be mainly aligned under Oneawa Hills, Beginning at Kailua Regional WWTP.

  • The first leg of boring will be beneath the north east side of Kaneohe Bay Drive passing under Aikahi Gardens through Halia Street (not below buildings).

  • From there, the alignment runs under the Kailua side of the H3 freeway and thru the center of Oneawa Hills. 

  • For the last leg of boring the TBM will cross under Mokapu Boulevard and continue thru the hills with a slight curve until it reaches the conventionally mined portion of tunnel near the Kaneohe Regional WWPTF. The TBM will then be removed from the tunnel through a shaft at the Kaneohe Regional WWPTF.


As of September 13, 2016 8:49 am*

TBM Distance Traveled

of 15,000 feet
2.90 miles

Remaining Tunnel Footage

0.00 miles 

*Time information updated


TBM Information

Machine Diameter: 13′-0″
Curve Radius: 500 feet (min.)
Weight: 160 tons (approx.)

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