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As part of the City’s commitment to the community to address concerns raised during public informational meetings at the beginning of the project, our geotechnical engineer (Yogi Kwong Engineers, YKE) will be performing post-tunneling photographic surveys in the 9 zones along the tunnel alignment (Click here for Zone Locations) previously surveyed. This effort will help document the condition of the area and properties within each zone after the completion of tunnel boring machine (TBM) mining underground. YKE is currently making its final readings of inclinometer and piezometer wells with assistance from ControlPoint to perform final survey readings at existing settlement markers as well as recover the survey gauges. Once complete, YKE will start the post-tunneling photographic survey.

What to expect

  • Staff from YKE will be taking photos (within City Right of Way) from the road and/or sidewalk of homes in the designated zones.
  • Post-tunneling photographic surveys are scheduled to commence next week and will continue into March. The surveying will begin in Zones 8 (Malulani/Kokokahi/Moakaka/Moamahi Place) and 9 followed by zones near the Kailua Regional WWTP and then towards the Kaneohe Wastewater Pre-treatment Facility. 
  • After the photographic surveys are complete, YKE will abandon inclinometer and water level wells by grouting the wells, removing the well cover, and restoring the pavement with concrete.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Construction Management Team by phone or email.

Project Hotline: (808) 445-9079

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